Some recommended sites that you might not find just anywhere.
New Jersey Blues - This is the site for links to the NJ blues scene

Tri-State Blues - This is a cool on-line magazine covers the blues scene in the NY/NJ/CT/PA area.  Yeah, that's more than 3 states, but that's because there's too much good blues around!

Roadhouse 51 - Roger Beckwith hosts this radio show on WBZC-FM out of Burlington County, NJ.  You can hear Herd of Blue on his show, as well as other great artists.

WXPN's Blues Show - Every Saturday night, Johnny Meister hosts this radio show on 88.5 out of Philadelphia.

Red Notebook - This guy (Steve Norton) did a great job doing the artwork for Heavy Tracks.  Check out his work here.

Real Blues - A fine magazine, based out of Canada and distributed world-wide.  They printed a nice review of the Heavy Tracks CD.

Racetrack Records - Herd of Blues' record label.

MP3 - Check out the musc industry of the future, where you can download CD-quality music from the web.  Oh yeah, by the way, you'll find Herd of Blues featured prominently in the blues section.